Forkuently Asked Questions

Who made this?
Fork Freshness was created by Giles Bowkett. A lot of software written by other people makes up the foundation, including Rails, Rugged, Sidekiq Enterprise, the GitHub GraphQL API, and Twitter. For text, Fork Freshness uses the Target font family from [T-26] in Chicago.
I initially got the idea from a conversation with Brandon Keepers, George Dinwiddie, and Justin Searls. I didn't think I should actually build Fork Freshness at the time, but I started to change my mind when I was forking active_shipping (as described in the Examples section above). Conversations with Ben Sharpe led me to take the plunge and build it.
How do I learn more?
Follow @ForkFreshness on Twitter. Check out this blog post for a ton of detail on how Fork Freshness works, why it exists, and what it's revealed about project lifespans on GitHub. Sign up for the mailing list and receive infrequent announcements when new features land.